Sunday, January 15, 2017

January Ice

This morning we experienced an ice storm here in southwest Missouri. It certainly wasn't the worst ice storm that we have ever experienced. In fact, it was probably the least destructive ice storm that I can remember and that's because, thankfully, it didn't last long. Temperatures were already warming up and most of the ice had melted by the time I took these photos at Prairie State Park, but, still, I thought the photos worth sharing.

Prairie Grasses Under Ice

The Bison Fence On Sandstone - It Reminds Me Of An Ice-Trimmed Picture Window

An Icy Directional Sign

Sandstone Trailhead Sign Encased In Ice

Hunkah Prairie - Path of the Earth People

Tallgrass Prairie Under Ice

Delicate Grasses Enshrouded In Ice

Last Year's Thistle Encapsulated in Ice

Another Ice Encapsulated Thistle

Even The Bison Chips Were Ice-Capped

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