Friday, December 18, 2015

Five Minute Friday: Frost

Cut and pasted from Rebecca's Hearth and Home 12/18/15...

Today's Five Minute Friday assignment was a little different than most weeks. For the final Five Minute Friday of 2015 Kate Motaung let everyone pick their own one-word prompt and the word I chose is frost.

Here's why...

Frost On The Windshield
Upon going out to warm up my van this morning before work, I discovered that, overnight, Jack Frost had completely covered my van windows in an intricate frosty pattern. A few minutes of heat on high and the beautiful artwork of nature gave way to nothing but water droplets that rolled away with a swish of the wiper blades and a rush of wind as I drove out onto the highway.

Frosty-Backed Bison At Prairie State Park
At the park (I work at Prairie State Park in Mindenmines, Missouri), I was greeted by four great beasts, their brown backs white with frost, against a backdrop of white-frosted prairie grasses. Over the crest of the hill and the whole herd of white-backed bison encircled the nature center where I work.
Bison Dot The Landscape At Prairie State Park
As I pulled into the parking lot, the morning sun spilled across the tall grasses, instantly melting the guazy frostiness that only moments before had grasped them in misty whiteness. The massive beasts (bison) that dotted the prairie landscape separated lazily and made their way around and behind the building. With each grunt and snort, the chilly air made their hot breath come out in billowy puffs of icy whiteness.
Frost Flowers At Prairie State Park
As I made my way to the building I noticed that frost flowers were in great abundance in the wildflower garden out front...
Mullin Outlined And Covered In Frost
...and that every plant was outlined and covered, sparkling, and glistening white, with frost.

I love frosty mornings on the prairie and wish that I could share one with YOU! They are soooo beautiful! <3

All My Love,

For more information about Frost Flowers click: HERE!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Foggy, Spidery-Webby Morning On The Prairie

The fog was hanging thick over the prairie this morning when I arrived at work.

Strands of gossamer threads were strung from one plant to another, each shining like silk, outlined in dew.

Thousands of spider webs...some big, some small...could be spotted among the grasses and prairie forbs.

Big Bluestem stands tall and proud supporting a network of delicatae spidery webworks.

The fog is lifting as a new day spreads across this tallgrass prairie scape.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Frost Flowers

Frost Flowers
Super cold temperatures have a arrived on southwest Missouri's tallgrass prairie and, with them, an annual event that our family greatly looks forward to each and every autumn. Experiencing the sight of the season's first swirly, twirly, and utterly beautiful frost flowers!

Frost flowers really aren't flowers at all, but are beautiful, delicate ribbons of ice that form on the lower stem of certain native Missouri plants.

Delicate Ribbons Of Ice
Frost flowers occur only in the late fall after the first few hard freezes of the season. Frost flowers are formed when the plants' stems are ruptured by the first hard freeze, yet the root system is still sending up plant sap from the warmer ground. The sap pushes through the broken stem and freezes on contact with the cold air. As more sap moves up the stem, it forces the freezing stream of white ice crystals into ornate and beautifully folded ribbons of frosted swirls.

Ornate And Beautifully Folded Ribbons Of Frosted Swirls
Missouri plants known to produce frost flowers include dittany, stinkweed, and white crownbeard.
A Swirly, Twirly An Utterly Beautiful Frost Flower
If you've not had the pleasure of experiencing your first frost flower, but would like to, it's not too late. I know it's cold, but get out early in the morning before the sun's rays melt the delicate formations away. If you need to know where to go to observe frost flowers locally e-mail me ( - please put FROST FLOWERS on the subject line) or message me on Facebook (Rebecca Brown Knox). I'll be more than happy to point you in the right direction. :)

Until next time,

White Crownbeard (Wingstem, Frostweed)

Frost Flower Coloring Sheet

Frost Flower Coloring Sheet - Uncolorc

Today I looked around online to see if I could locate a frost flower coloring sheet for children, and I couldn't. So...I made one. It's not the greatest in the world, but at least it's something. If anyone would like to use it feel free to contact me at (please put FROST FLOWER COLORING SHEET on the subject line) and I will send it to you in a PDF.

Frost Flower Coloring Sheet - Colored
(Ignore the strawberry colored frost flower. They don't come in that color, but there's a story behind it. LOL!)
Until next time...

Monday, November 10, 2014

Video - Wind On The Tallgrass Prairie

Today I tried to capture the sounds of a windswept prairie. I love the tinkling sound 
of the tall grasses striking against one another during the middle of the video.